Archetypes - An Empowering Awareness of Your Life as a Story

Unleashing Your Potential Through Archetypal Awareness

Course Summary

Every person operates through their archetypal characteristics and knowing what yours are is one of the most helpful ways to empower yourself effectively. 

Archetypes can be seen as the role we play in life and the patterns of our behaviors which offer storied explanations of those patterns, beliefs, and values in our human experience on the individual and universal levels. In other words, an archetype can be seen as the storied role we are in and what story we see ourselves in.  

Archetypes reside in our unconsciousness. We live a storied life and perceive through the archetypes that reinforce the story plots that make the most sense to us, but we aren’t necessarily aware of them. This is a biggie. Most of the messages we get in our social and societal contexts do not acknowledge archetypes as a part of us, but they are influencing what goes on all around us all the time.  

This workshop explores your archetypal characteristics and their influence on your archetypal perspectives. We'll take a look at the four major stages of life and explore how they affect the story you are endorsing. You'll get to know yourself on a deeper level and find ways to effectively empower your participation in a richer awareness of your Life-Story. 

During this powerful experiential journey, you will:  
• Discover what core characteristics are influencing your life all the time 
• Identify the archetypal lenses through which you view the world
• Discover a deep appreciation for your archetypal perspectives 
• Find positive relational patterns to tap into for authentic support and empowerment 
• Root yourself in inspired purpose to live a more meaningful life 
• Transform your perspective about your story and ways you relate to the world around you
• Discover new and empowering ways to approach relationships with others
• Open yourself up to receiving guidance from the more-than-human world
• Discover transformative insights into your life path and take more control of your future while becoming familiar with the universal symbolism contained in a co-created sacred space
• Learn the foundational concepts of the Foursongs Wheel of Archetypal Connection, Trilogy Braid, and universal cross-cultural principles of connection
• Access healing power using direct revelation and divination
• Find a pathway to thrive in these challenging times while understanding your own connections to the universal power available to you  


An Online Masterclass About Archetypes

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Joseph Campbell


One way or another, we all have to find what best fosters the flowering of our humanity in this contemporary life, and dedicate ourselves to that.

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