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the deeper meaning in your beautiful story

Online courses that root you in inspired purpose

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Helping You Find Effective Direction Toward New Relational Patterns

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"Empowerment that is truly meaningful can be achieved through guidance derived from an intimate connection with nature and a deeper understanding of the archetypal world." -MJ

Guidance, Coaching, and Connection

Enter into a new perceptive awareness of the relationships you create and gain wisdom in how intense challenges can be navigated with purpose and understanding.  

  • Root yourself in inspired purpose to live a more meaningful life
  • Discover new and empowering ways to approach relationships with others
  • Open yourself up to receiving guidance from the more-than-human world
  • Explore pathways to thrive in these challenging times while understanding your own connections to the universal power available to you

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From an award-winning mentor and educator with over 35 years of experience bridging people and nature together to create something wonderful.

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