Nature Connection For Your Soul

How Having a Personal Relationship with Nature Helps You Through Your Challenges and Cultivates Nourishing Relationships

Course Summary

Having a personal connection with Nature brings guidance and resilience through the challenges we navigate as well as fosters growth, empowerment, and clarity in the relationships we cultivate throughout our lives.

Throughout our lives, we are in constant relationship with our surroundings. As we grow and mature, there are countless challenges and trials we confront along the way. It is in these times that we come face to face with direct opportunities to see who we are and what we’re all about.

This course will introduce you to the guidance, growth, and empowerment possibilities that a personal relationship with Nature can bring to you. Key ideas such as navigating life’s challenges, cultivating nourishing relationships, and guidance through major life stages will be presented in the lessons.

Join me for a revealing pathway toward understanding who you are and how to stay true to yourself.
During this course, you will:
• Discover new and empowering ways to approach relationships with others
• Learn about your relationship with the three fields of power you have with you all the time
• Find positive relational patterns to tap into for authentic support and empowerment
• Root yourself in inspired purpose to live a more meaningful life
• Open yourself up to receiving guidance from the more-than-human world
• Discover your Soul Essence and explore ways to meet the challenges you face in your life
• Find a pathway to thrive in these challenging times while understanding your own connections to the universal power available to us  

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J. M.

Truly a gem! Loved the explanation. Definitely much needed info for our modern times.

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