Your Beautiful Life Tree of Soul, Self, Spirit

Finding Your Deep Gladness and Offering Fruit to the World

Course Summary

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” ― Frederick Buechner

The Tree of Life is an important archetypal theme in many of the worlds mythological elucidations for how we find our gladness and relate to our surroundings. Seeing yourself as a living being and soul in relationship with spirit allows you to embrace the parts of you that are connected with the world around you. This opens you to a place of wholeness, which in turn, expands the reaches of your gifts.

Trees are foundational elements in linking humans with nature through their symbolism in our cultural beliefs, the wood they provide for our usage, the food they provide, the air quality they create, and so much more. Humankind would not be able to function without the trees and everything we utilize them for. Your life is just like a beautiful tree in how you contribute to the health and wellbeing of the world. We'll explore this in depth through the Life Tree concept (illustrated through the Tree of Life motif) and how your Individual identity, your Spirit Essence, and your Soul Essence all come together to form the wonderful you that offers fruit to the world.
During this powerful experiential journey, you will:
• Find deep gladness in your blessedly beautiful life
• Identify the archetypal lenses through which you view the world
• Discover new and empowering ways to approach relationships with others
• Find positive relational patterns to tap into for authentic support and empowerment
• Root yourself in inspired purpose to live a more meaningful life
• Open yourself up to receiving guidance from the more-than-human world
• Discover transformative insights into your life path and take more control of your future while becoming familiar with the universal symbolism contained in the Tree of Life motif
• Learn the foundational concepts of the 18-part Foursongs Life Tree of Soul, Self, Spirit
• Access healing power using direct revelation and divination
• Find a pathway to thrive in these challenging times while understanding your own connections to the universal power available to us  

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Jane Hirshfield


"A tree lives on its roots. If you change the root, you change the tree. Culture lives in human beings. If you change the human heart the culture will follow."

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