Archetypes - An Empowering Awareness of Your Life as a Story

Three-part video series introducing you to your archetypal makeup.

• Find positive relational patterns to tap into for authentic support and empowerment
• Root yourself in inspired purpose to live a more meaningful life
• Find a pathway to thrive in these challenging times
Every person operates through their archetypes and knowing about yours is one of the most helpful ways to empower yourself effectively.

Our behaviors are an expression of the choices we make – which are rooted in our belief systems and archetypal perspectives.  

Working with archetypes reveals our patterns that affect the quality of our relationships, the decisions we make, our habitual responses, and how we navigate the challenges in our lives.

All of us have archetypes that contribute to our understanding of that story and form patterned behaviors reinforcing the story plots that make the most sense to us.

Learn about how to start identifying your archetypal characteristics and what knowing your archetypal perspectives can do to help you
discover new and empowering ways to approach relationships with others.

Three video lessons from the New Multi-Part Masterclass

Video 1) Archetypes as Driving Forces in our Patterned Behavior
     • Find out what exactly an archetype is and what it does.   
     • Learn why only changing your thoughts may be holding you back from truly changing your behavior.
     • Also learn what it means to be a co-author of your own story.

Video 2) Identifying Your Archetypal Aspects         
     • Find out what the light and shadow aspects of archetypes do.
     • Learn how awareness of your archetypal shadow aspects empowers you.
     • Identify where an archetype's location is and what task it is fulfilling.  

Video 3) Identifying What Your Archetypes Do         
     • Find out how to identify your archetypes.
     • Learn the two most important things to identify about your archetypes.
     • Identify what your archetypal perspective does for you every day.

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Archetypes - An Empowering Awareness of Your Life as a Story

Three video lessons from the Multi-Part Masterclass

This free series is an introduction to the many concepts covered in the Multi-Part Masterclass: Archetypes - An Empowering Awareness of Your Life as a Story.

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