Activating Your Archetype 1:1 Coaching Session

Getting To Know Your Archetypal Perspectives

Session Summary

 ~~60-Minute Session~~

~ An empowering and valuable conversation introducing you to your archetypal perspectives and offering you some courses of action to pursue toward entering into a new perceptive awareness of your unfolding story.

~ Archetypes are foundational in understanding our story and are present in cultural practices around the world. Activating your awareness of this concept is a good start to effective empowerment.

~ Archetypes are templates that connect us with the collective unconsciousness. These are universal patterns that we live by, playing out in our personal relationships, our biography, and even our biology of how we choose to live. Once we understand their lessons and gifts – their shadow and light aspects – we become more empowered to be the co-authors of our own story rather than only a character within it. Working with archetypes reveals our patterns that affect the quality of our relationships, the decisions we make, our habitual responses, and how we struggle with the challenges in our lives. Transforming the shadows aspects of our archetypes into their light aspects can help lead us out of the valley of darkness and pain and open us to a healthier way of being.  

~ Live Zoom call (Phone & In-person options available)

Course Curriculum

1:1 Coaching

Caroline Myss


"If you know how to perceive the world through archetypes, everything changes"

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    60-Min Session

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